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  • In Dreams, Ruttkowski; 68, Cologne 2015
  • Walldrawing, Gerisch Sculpture Park 5m x 7m, Neumünster, 2010, © M.Obst
  • 1smarxtheland

1979 Born in Schwalmstadt, Germany

2002-2007 Studys in Hamburg 
2007 Diplom
since 2007 lives and works as an artist in Hamburg.


2014 Goldbek Guest Studio Scholarship
2012 Hamburg Stipendium
2009 Lichtwark Stipendium


The book „85 Zeichnungen“ (Rollo-Press) got selected as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books in 2009.

Exhibitions (Selection)


2015 In Dreams (Cologne, Ruttkowski;68)
2014 The Sanest Days are Mad (Cologne, SSZ Sued)
2014 Stone in the River (Paris, Colette Gallery)
2014 New Drawings (Rennes, 126 Galerie) 
2014 Rebel Without a Cause (Hamburg, Galerie Karin Günther) 
2013 Gravity Hits (Byron Bay, The Art Park)
2012 Goodbye Mondays (New York, PRIMETIME)
2012 Stefan Marx — Die Hefte (Hamburg, Galerie Karin Günther)
2012 To The Lights And Towns Below (Seoul, Post Poetics)
2011 Economy Class (Düsseldorf, Galerie Ute Parduhn)
2011 Todenhausen (Kassel, Kasseler Kunstverein)
2010 Sentimental Heartbreaking (Frankfurt, Galerie Club Michel)
2010 The Houses and Homes seem Quiet (Neumünster, Gerisch Sculpture Park)
2010 Caribics (Tokyo, Now Idea Gallery)
2009 PLEEEASE (Kunstverein Hamburg)
2009 The New Old Group (Hamburg, Galerie Karin Günther)
2008 Todenhausen (Hamburg, Feinkunst Krüger)
2007 Welcome To The Second Spliting Of The Atom (Hamburg, Feinkunst Krüger)
2007 Egyptian Loneliness (Sydney, Monster Children Gallery)
2007 Until Now, Goodbye (Melbourne, Don‘t come Gallery)
2006 Welcome to where ever you are not (Hamburg, Galerie Hafen+Rand)

Group (Selection)

2015 A blur, a beautiful blurry blur curated by Giti Nourbakhsch (Hamburg, Galerie Karin Günther)
2014 Krankheit als Metapher (Hamburg, Kunsthaus)
2014 Namaste with Max Frisinger (Hamburg, Galerie Katharina Bittel)
2013 Affordable Bananas (Hamburg, Galerie Jürgen Becker)
2012 An Example of an Installation (Tokyo, Now IDea)
2012 To Begin is to be Half Done (Busan, Busan Station)
2012 The Kids Are Alright (Rotterdam, Kunsthal Rotterdam)
2012 Wer zurück bleibt, wird zurück gelassen — Kunstverein St. Pauli Tour
2012 Back in Seven Minutes (Hamburg, Galerie Feinkunst Krüger)
2012 Affordable Bananas or Whatever (Hamburg, Galerie Jürgen Becker)
2011 Fantastique Élastique (Zürich, Galerie Francesca Pia)
2011 Totholz (Malmö, Gallery Loyal)
2011 Sweatboxing (Rotterdam, MAMA)
2010 DRAW (Sydney, Monster Children Gallery)
2010 Disorder Disorder (Penrith Regional Gallery)
2009 Mehr als ein T-Shirt (Kunstverein Bielefeld)
2009 Genesis (London, Chapter One Gallery)
2008 Vertrautes Terrain, Ressonanz Raum (Karlsruhe, ZKM)
2008 ich weiß nicht wer wen mehr vermisst (Hamburg, Galerie Hafenrand)
2007 Von A bis O (Hamburg, Galerie Jürgen Becker)
2006 Le Boxx (Malmö, Le Boxx)
2005 The Banjo People (London, 88b Gallery)
2004 INDEX 04 (Hamburg, Kunsthaus)
2004 Moving Units (London, Kingsland Road)
2003 Sideeffects of Urethane (London, Off Location)

Publications & Artist Books

Pristina (2013, Zine)
Tetepare, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu (Nieves, 2013, Zine)
Spencer Street (Nieves, 2013, Zine)
This Sounds a Bit Like Goodbye (Nieves, 2013)
Economy Class (Dashwood Books, Nyc, 2013)
Goodbye Mondays (2012, Zine)
Sun Rise Set (2012, Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair Edition, 7“ Record)
Seoul (2012, Zine)
Rare Pleasures (2012, Zine)
Bangkok — Shanghai (Nieves, 2011, Zine)
The Dead Sea (Nieves, 2011, Record Poster Edition)
Umwelthauptstadt Hamburg (2011, Zine)
NYC (Nieves, 2011, Zine)
Hey Du siehst aus wie ein OG – Nigger! (2010, Zine)
I Guess I Shouldn‘t be Telling You (JRP Ringier/Christoph Keller Edition & Kunstverein Hamburg, 2010)
Sentimental Heartbreaking (2010, Zine)
Nakameguro (Nieves, 2010, Zine)
Stockholm Slussen (Nieves, 2010, Zine)
EX (Nieves, 2009, Zine)
NYC (Nieves, 2009, Zine)
85 Zeichnungen (2009, Rollo-Press)
Jumbo (2009, Zine)
Delinquent (2009, Zine)
Damals Als Twen (2009, Zine)
LA (Nieves, 2008, Zine)
The Lousy Animals and Friends Coloring Book (Rollo-Press, 2008)
Tokyo (Nieves, 2007, Zine)
The Second Splitting of the Atom (Feinkunst Krüger & Stefan Marx, 2007)
Tristan (Nieves, 2007, Zine)
I Wait Here For You Forever as Long as It Takes (Nieves, 2007, Book)
Todenhausen (Nieves, 2007, Zine)
I‘m Starting To Feel Okay (Nieves, 2006, Book)
Forever Together (2005, Zine)
Andere Mütter haben auch schöne Töchter (Nieves, 2004, Zine)
I‘m a bad guitar player, but i love to do it. Its a good thing to do (2003, Zine)