Neuer Pferdemarkt in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district
Sauerberg Garage  I  Hotel Pacific  I  Studio Cuborosa

The exhibition venues where the VELADA REMIX 2014 will be presented in Hamburg this September are the same locations as those used for this event last year.

They are unique spaces in a district of Hamburg that has always played a vital role in Hamburg history and even today still retains much of its original character. With its colourful mix of history, improvised urbanisation and harbour flair, the area is a creative and magnetic meeting-place for different nationalities and lifestyles. The Neuer Pferdemarkt is a vibrant mirror of cultures from all over the world and an ideal setting for the VELADA REMIX.

The VELADA REMIX is based around the Neuer Pferdemarkt square. This lively neighbourhood forms part of St. Pauli, the large red-light district best known for its countless bars, clubs, restaurants and the old fish market near Hamburg harbour. In the nineteenth century the square was used as a horse market – hence its name – and attracted various businesses related to the horse trade – veterinary surgeons, saddlers and coachbuilders, then later on, garages and car dealers. Today, you can still see the historic boundary stone that until 1938 once marked the border between Hamburg and Altona.

The exhibition spaces for the VELADA REMIX are:

garageklThe Sauerberg Garages, which were originally comprised a car repair shop, garages and a petrol station. The garages were opened in 1926 at the address "Beim Grünen Jäger 11/13", a picturesque name meaning "at the green hunter"!

Nowadays, with its old, colourfully painted garage doors, the two-storey red-brick building is reminiscent of the colourful houses in the Santa Lucia district of Maracaibo in Venezuela, where the original Velada St. Lucia began over 14 years ago. The walls and floors of the garages bear all the marks of the daily to and fro of a garage. Here, as in the Hotel Pazifik opposite, it is business as usual, around the clock – except for during the Velada Remix: only art can can stop cars driving in and out of the garages!

hotelklThe Hotel Pacific was built in the 1960s and was temporary home to all kinds of musicians performing at the legendary Star Club on the nearby Reeperbahn – even the Beatles stayed here in 1963. It has retained the discreet and fading charm of former times and is a much-loved address for people in the know. During their stay in Hamburg, the Velada artists will be living in the rooms that simultaneously serve as exhibition spaces. The hotel actively supports the idea behind the Velada Remix project, of finding unusual exhibition settings and turning them into ideal spaces for showing art and fostering dialogue.

cubarosaklThe Werkstatt Cuborosa is Clemencia Labin's studio. It was here that the idea of presenting the VELADA REMIX in this neighbourhood first began. Her studio will serve as central meeting-point and storage place for works of art during the preparation phase prior to the opening of the festival, and will be used as a further exhibition venue during the festival. It is a modern, light-filled space of simple design on two floors and is well suited to various artistic concepts, both in terms of painting and sculpture.